Hindu Legal System

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                                     KIRAT DYNASTY Ø  Kirat’s ave mentioned in Ramayan and Mahabharat.
Ø  Himayat Khand mentions about Kirat.
Ø  Hilly area s East to trisuli is mentioned as Kirat area. Ø  It is move relevant that areas from sunkoshi East is Kirat.Any how Kirat were living in North East of Himalaya and according to Sopal Vansavali they were  inhabitant area between sunkosi to Tawalcosiie they came to valley from East. Ø  Certain histories are of the obevious that the NEWARS were Kirats living between Gandaki to Sunkosi. Ø  Toward the years of 700B.Kirat invaded the valley

Ø  According to Sopal Vansavali 32 King (some historian says 29) ruled ovev have. Ø  The first king was YALAMBER who established Kirat dynasty. Ø  His Kingdom was supposed to be from TRISULI to TISTA.

Ø  7th or 12th king was JITADASTI or DASTI.
Ø  He had taken part in the battle of Mahabharat to help Pandavas. Ø  Buddhist comical describes in his period Lord Buddha had visited Nepal where he made his 1350 disciples. Ø  But,lord Buddha’s visit of Kathmandu valley cannot be paved by historical evidences. Ø   At the peiod of STHUNOK or THUNILO (14TH or 21st )King of this dynasty ASHOKA the great king of INDIA visited Lumbini for pilgrimage in 249 or 250 B.C. Ø  Later on he(ashoka)came to Kathmandu valley and gave his daughter CHARMATI in marriage DEVAPALA. Ø  It is said that she established a city near by Pasupati in the name of his husband named DEVAPATAN. Ø  She constructed a bihar named charumati bihar now called chabahill. Ø  Ashoka created 4 stupas at the 4 cardinal points of PATAN. Ø  But again it cannot be proved that Ashoka ever visited Kathmandu valley.how ever his visit was up to lumbini. Ø  Some historian says that 4 stupas of patan were created by the missionaries of Ashoka in the period of 200 B.C. Ø  However we can say that it was a later creation which was built only after the extend of the city. Ø  We can conclude that at this vary period both Hinduism and Buddhism was flourishing in Nepal. Ø  Previously their capital was at MATATIRTHA and their palace was at Thankot. Ø  Later on at the period of PATUKA (28th king shifted to Gorkha and SHANKTAMUL;due to the repeated attacks of Sombansis. Ø  PATUKA is said to have built ‘Patuka’for his residence on his name i.e.Palace for him. Ø  They were simple and were the worship of Nature.

Ø  Khukuri was their weapon(previously named KIKE)
Ø  A new intellectual awaking introduce in this period i.e. Buddhism. Ø  Teaching and Parching of Buddhist religion influenced a great Ø  Nepal get contact with India, Tibet and China.
Ø  Nepal because the trade centre and mutiny points the trade route of India and China. Ø  This foreign contact makes moral and material progress. Ø  Art, culture and trade flourished
Ø  Architecture and sculpture get force and begain to developed. Ø  It is not more a legend tha NEWARs were previously Kirats,Kirats rule may pass for a self rule of the indigenous people which eased to form in self rule. Ø  So if can he said that period forms the 1st mile stone in the long move of Nepal people and their history. Ø  It is said that period the image of AADISWOR,BHRINGASWOR KIRATESWOR ,BIRUPAKSHA were built.

                                                NARENDRA DEV Ø  After Ansuvarma,Udaydev(son of Shivadev)became king.
Ø  His brother DHRUVDEV,with the help of SISHU GUPTA LALIR dethroned UDAYDEV and become king. Ø  Again deed Government started.
Ø  Udaydev take shelter at lhasa(Tibet)
Ø  With the help of Tibet Narendre dev  ended the double rule of sishu gupta. Ø  Narendra dev was a wise and an able ruler.
Ø  He fetched matsyandra nath and became patron dashy.
Ø  According to jaya dev –narendrea dev had an exalted idea of honor and all the kings were fancier down before him Pasupati inscription of Jayadev
Ø  In 643 A.D a Chinese mission visited Nepal.
Ø  Again in 649 A.D under the leadership of WANG HISUEN TSE another Chinese missin again visited Nepal Ø...
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