Himalayans Cat

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Himalayans Cat

Felis Catus

When you think of a warm, loving, and sensationally beautiful cat with crystal blue eyes to die for the first cat that should come to mind is the prestigious Himalayan Cat. The Himalayan Cat is a lovable cat breed and is a favorite choice amongst cat lovers. This domestic breed of felines are a popular pick in Hollywood and are famous for playing cat characters in movies such as “Meet the Parents,” “Meet the Flockers,” “Date Movie,” “Homeward Bound,” and on the “Martha Stewart show” (Petinsurance, 2012, Para.1). The Himalayan cat is unlike any other for it has a unique history. The Himalayan cat is derived from the Genus/Species Felis catus and is a result of the breeding of two very prestigious breeds of cats: the Persian and the Siamese cat. As a result of this unique breeding the Himalayan cat was created and has since been a symbol of elegance due to there “very unique body characteristic that distinguishes them from any other member of the feline family” (Helgreen, 2011, Para. 5). The Himalayan Cat is a domestic cat or Felis catus, which is “a small, usually furry, domesticated, carnivorous mammal” (Wikipedia, 2012, Para 1). It is more commonly referred to as the “house cat”. Its taxonomic classification group is “animalia chordata mammalia carnivora felidae felis catus” (Ramel, 2012, Para 1). According to Ramel (2012) archaeological evidence suggests that modern cats lineage, recognizably similar to our present day species, began to emerge about 25 MYA and during the last 12 million years the eight separate lineages of modern cats have emerged. The domestic cats are apart of that lineage known as the Felis genius, which makes them in direct relation to the cougar, lion, and tigers with the exception of the obvious differences of size and domestication (Wikipedia, 2012). The Felis catus are strong, active,...
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