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The Himalaya logo is a visual definition of its brand identity. The leaf that forms the crossbar of the letter H evokes the company's focus on herbal healthcare. The teal green represents proximity to nature, while the orange is evocative of warmth, vibrancy and commitment to caring. The Himalaya brand carries with it the promise of good health and well-being. Himalaya's history is one of innovation through research. Our quest to produce natural, safe and effective remedies has been driven by several factors: an enduring belief in the power of Ayurveda, a close observation of nature and the systematic application of primary research methods for validation and testing. We believe that the ideal healthcare system lies in the synergy between Ayurveda and modern science. It will be our constant endeavour to create innovative products that satisfy the health and personal care requirements of contemporary living.

The Beginnings . . . making of an Indian multinational
The Himalaya Drug Company was founded in 1930 by Mr M. Manal with a clear vision to bring Ayurveda to society in a contemporary form and to unravel the mystery behind the 5,000 year old system of medicine. This included referring to ancient ayurvedic texts, selecting indigenous herbs and subjecting the formulations to modern pharmacological, toxicological and safety tests to create new drugs and therapies. Eighty one years ago, on a visit to Burma, Mr Manal saw restless elephants being fed with a root to pacify them. The plant from which this was taken is Rauwolfia serpentine. Fascinated by the plant's effect on elephants, he had it scientifically evaluated. After extensive research, Serpina, the world's first anti-hypertensive drug, was launched in 1934. The legacy of researching nature forms the foundation of Himalaya's operations. Himalaya has pioneered the use of modern science to rediscover and validate Ayurveda’s secrets. Cutting edge technology is employed to create pharmaceutical-grade ayurvedic products. Today, these products have found acceptance with medical fraternities and serve the health and personal care needs of consumers in 82 countries His vision was to Put Ayurveda on par with modern medicine.

Mr Meraj Manal, the son of founder, Mr M. Manal, is the current Chairman of Himalaya Global Holdings As a confirmation that Himalaya is dedicated to providing the highest quality and consistency in herbal care, the Company was awarded an ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2003. Since its inception, the company has focused on developing safe, natural and innovative remedies that will help people lead richer, healthier lives. Today, Himalaya products have been endorsed by 300,000 doctors around the globe and consumers in 71 countries rely on Himalaya for their health and personal care needs. Other than India, Himalaya has a strong presence in United States, Middle East, South East Asia, Europe and the CIS region. The Himalaya Drug Company (HDC) has eight international patents to its credit.

HDC (The Himalaya Drug Company) has 4 lines of business under its umbrella 1. Consumer Products Division
2. Pharmaceutical Division
3. Animal Care
4. Baby Care
The bustling Indian FMCG sector is worth over Rs 86,000 crore, growing at 15% and the potential that the space holds makes it an attractive avenue for businesses to enter. Himalaya has formulate popular drugs like Liv.52, Cystone and Serpina that made it a household name.

However, 69 years after incorporation, in 1999 Himalaya turned to FMCG and today is an Rs 1,000 crore brand growing at 26% CAGR in India and 35% CAGR internationally.

Ravi Prasad, executive chairman, The Himalaya Drug Company is optimistic about the FMCG space. Reminiscing the decision to enter the space, Prasad says, "Global trends in personal care began to change in the 90s. Customers were going 'back-to-nature' and were demanding herbal and natural therapies. The general perception was that products containing herbal...
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