Hilton Hotels Case

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  • Published : November 27, 2011
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About Cisco
Hilton Hotels is a world leader and innovator in the hospitality industry. As on the most influential hotels in the world Hilton is constantly trying to stay ahead of the competition and continue to grow worldwide. Currently Hilton has hotels and resorts across 6 continents with close to 200,000 total rooms. By implementing OnQ (allows an employee to provide excellent customer service in order to “enable the brand promise”) Hilton is able to continue the “aggressive expansion strategy” it has been following for many years. Also, Hilton wants to establish an environment of personalization in order to recognize their customers and create a sense of belonging. The Industry Standard

Hilton appears to be setting the industry standard in terms of innovation and how it provides amenities and services. For example Hilton was the first hotel to gain LEED certification and is now focused on their “Customers Really Matter Initiative (CRM)”. “CRM is a way to use technology to give you the power to solidify relationships with our best customers.” No other hotel in the world is taking the initiative to create something like CRM which will again solidify Hilton as an industry leader. Looking Forward

Through information technology Hilton can align business strategy with organizational strategy to continue setting the standard in the hospitality business. Implementing OnQ allows Hilton to return to “creating confidence in proprietary custom building and a passion for creating owners’ value.” Technology is always changing and if Hilton does not take this risk they may never catch up and will potentially fall short of continuing to set the industry standard.


While the cost of OnQ is high the potential gains associated with implementation outweigh the risk. I would recommend diversification for Hilton. You do not want to put all your eggs in one basket to stay ahead of the game. Hilton firmly believes that the customer matters and they want the...
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