Hilton Hotel Threats

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  • Published : January 10, 2007
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Threats: Hilton Hotels

With thousands of hotels on every corner in every city, how does one decide which hotel meets there expectations? Hilton Hotels has become a world wide name, which has ventured out into franchise hotels, casino- hotels and inns, operates a computerized reservation system, selling furnisher, equipment, and supplies. As a result Hilton Hotels is one of the largest chains of hotels, in addition to undertaking international relationships. Taking on international affairs and expanding brand name outside of the Hilton mission, creates a shift in business focus.

Within any line of business the fear of competition turns out to be an issue. The Hilton Hotels started with one hotel and progressed into hotel chains all over the world. Demands within the hotel business forced Hilton to develop an aggressive business operation. Hilton decided to undertake gambling which forced Hilton into the casinos world. Competition for the gaming dollar is intense, and the degree of investment needed to be successful is high. Hilton has had to put more than $6 million into renovating the Las Vegas Hilton to keep up with such rivals as the Mirage and the Excalibur, and it has also renovated the Flamingo Hilton to keep pace with other new places (McDonald, W.J., 1998).

Hilton Hotel seeks to provide superior customer service to all guests, creating repeat business. Employees and customer surveys are conducted to determine the expectations of the guests and views of the employees. To provide excellent customer service Hilton has the task of hiring employees with the ability to meet the demands to perform. Employees create relationships with the intention of assuring safety and commitment to serving guest with hopes of return business. Threats of hiring insufficient employees may result in poor guest experiences.


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