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Topics: Management, Corporation, Globalization Pages: 13 (4092 words) Published: December 4, 2012
A Case Study on the Business Performance Management
of Hilton Hotels Corp
Chen, Ying-Chang
Department of Hotel and Restaurant Management
Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health, Taiwan
336 Fu Hsin Rd., Keelung, Taiwan, R.O.C
Tel: 86-2-2437-2093 E-mail: proteus@ems.cku.edu.tw
Wang,Wen Cheng
Department of Business Management,
Hwa Hsia Institute of Technology, Taiwan
111 Gong Jhuan Rd., Chung Ho, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C
Tel: 86-2-8941-5156 E-mail: wcwang@cc.hwh.edu.tw
Chu, Ying Chien
Department of Tourism and Leisure
National Penghu University, Taiwan
300 Liu-Ho Rd., Makung city, Penghu, Taiwan, R.O.C
Tel: 86-6-926-4115 E-mail: verna323@npu.edu.tw
Received: September 21, 2010 Accepted: December 27, 2010 doi:10.5539/ibr.v4n2p213 Abstract
The purpose of this article is to provide organizations with an understanding about business performance management (BPM) and its potential value in China hotel industry, the paper make a study this objective in the following parts. In order to research on the business performance management is the transnational corporations in the process of the international development. Firstly, this report introduces transnational corporations, and performance management of multinational corporations. Secondly, it forms in different periods and their characteristics in business, aiming to explore and analyze the findings and examines the impacts of the performance management on management practices and employees preferred management style in Hilton Hotels Corp. Finally, the author gives some advices on an appropriate performance management style of Hotels Corp in China, on the basis of the findings of the survey. Meanwhile, it also points out the limitations of this research. Keywords: Business Performance Management (BPM), Hilton Hotels Corp, Strategy management plan, China hotel industry, Corporate cultures

1. Introduction
The hotel industry is the important industry in China, because it has important part on not only people’s life but also national economy. Since the end of 20th century, with the development of technology, the service market of hotel is developed rapidly. Hilton, which has all operations, is the provider of hotel service developed under this advantaged circumstance. Facing the capacious market of China and potential tremendous needs of data, there will be a great opportunity for the whole hotel industry, not mention to Hilton. On the market of hotels industry in China, there are many famous hotels. Although under the situation of serious competition, Hilton has not won the satisfactory market share.

Nowadays the economy globalization has become a part of the necessary requirement for enterprises to sustain a successful business operating in a competitive environment. Accordingly, global expansion of hotel operations has increasingly become a significant strategic development for big hotel corporations. As for Hilton hotel, a series of market development strategies including entering new market segments and spreading into new geographical areas are made, to capture the potential market and take the leading role in the market competition. With the rapid development of communication technology and international commodities, the acceleration of funding, technology www.ccsenet.org/ibr International Business Research Vol. 4, No. 2; April 2011 214 ISSN 1913-9004 E-ISSN 1913-9012

and personnel are continuous flow. The process of economic globalization will be further accelerated. The world economy has entered a new period of the major development and opening up, great competition, great adjustment, the integration and coordination. The multinational companies will continue to emerge, and international competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In this new historical period, talent competition gradually replace the tradition of competitive technologies and products, thus competition has become the focus of multinational companies. How to train and develop personnel and...
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