Hilton Hotel

Topics: Marketing, Business, Sales Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: November 29, 2012
These things that I learned at last lesson:
1)Product and service difference: Basically ; Products are tangible and services are intangible.For example; Apple Iphone, Coffe Mocha at Starbucks are products,but healthy services sector,home repair service,wireless communication,trip to somewhere ;they dont result ownership of anything. 2)Customer vs. consumer :Customer and consumer are not same things.For example;mother buy napkin for her baby and then baby consume it in this situation baby is a consumer, mother is a customer . 3)Sales dont mean to marketing.Sales cover just selling but marketing process makes the broad strategy.Selling and advertising are only part of larger ‘marketing mix’ marketers purpose satisfying customer needs. 4)Consumer Behavior:’The behavior that consumers display in searching for purchasing,using,evaulating and disposing of products and services that they expect will satisfy their needs’.When ı decide to buy new product what factors influence on me? A)External factors:cultural,social,family roles&status,reference groups B)İnternal factors:psychological factors(motivation,perception,learning,belief and attitudes) * Consumer behavior includes all the decisions a consumer makes when spending their time and money.The what,why,when,where,and how of consumer purchases are examined. 5)Two consumer entities Personal consumer:the individual who buys goods &services for his or her own use for household use. Organizational consumer:Business,government Marketing Concept: Production orientation:company wanted efficient production lines ,not focused product variation.Sales Orientation:overproduction,excess product Marketing concept:focus on customer,expectations of customer,marketers become more sophisticated in understanding the consumer and delivering products that meet their need. Societal Marketing Concept:Consider consumers long run best interest,in this concept marketers are consciousof negative effect health,environment. *...
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