Hilti Overview

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Hilti supports the global building industry to the hilt. The company manufactures drilling and fastening equipment and supplies for professional customers in the construction and building maintenance industries worldwide. The company's products include drilling and demolition tools; direct and screw fastening systems, diamond coring and cutting tools (saws, sanders, and grinders); anchoring and positioning systems; firestop and foam products; measuring systems; and cutting and sanding systems. The family of the late Martin Hilti, who founded the company in 1941, still controls the firm. The following information was found on HILTI's website under the topics of foundation, purpose and culture:

•We share a common purpose.
•We take self responsibility for the development of the business, our team and ourselves. •We encourage, coach and support each other to achieve outstanding results. •Our culture is a journey - Our Culture Journey

"The way we do things at Hilti is based on living strong values. We act with integrity in all we do, we demonstrate courage to go beyond the circle of habits, we outperform through teamwork, and we have commitment to personal and company growth."

Our purpose

•Enthusiastic customers
•We create success for our customers by identifying their needs and providing innovative and value-adding solutions. •Build a better future
•We foster a company climate in which every team member is valued and able to grow. •We develop win-win relationships with our partners and suppliers. •We embrace our responsibility towards society and environment. •We aim to achieve significant and sustainable, profitable growth, thus securing our freedom of action.

At Hilti, mission, vision and values are all very important. Their vision is to create enthusiastic customers through a "3 C" strategy: Customer, competency and concentration. Because of the highly technical nature of the business, all three of these areas must be a major...
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