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How was your overall experience working for Credit Suisse – ie your feedback?

Being able to work at a leading global banking institution such as Credit Suisse has proved to be a truly amazing experience as it has helped me to utilise my existing skills and to further develop them. For example, I have been able to utilise my organisational and time-management skills and more importantly, to further develop these skills so that they are much stronger. I have been able to further develop my understanding of the financial services industry and the different divisions within an investment bank.

In addition, I was extremely pleased to be given a range of real work to do which made the placement very interesting and varied because I was contributing to real high-level projects during my orientations and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the diversity of financial products and services offered by Credit Suisse, and with the business continuing to look for new opportunities to differentiate itself from its competitors, this made the environment very high-energy, fast-paced and I was always learning something new while constantly being intellectually challenged, which made for an exciting, demanding and rewarding environment.

Moreover, I have been able to sit in on meetings with senior managers from around the world, which has been an amazing opportunity. I felt part of the team from day one. I was treated as if I were a full-time employee, with real responsibilities and the opportunity to develop relationships with senior people. Furthermore, all the people I met at Credit Suisse were personable, happy to help, and I was impressed and surprised by the number of senior people I got to speak to, which I saw as a sign that the hierarchy is definitely not as rigid as people might think - you can talk to a director as much as you’d talk to a colleague at the same level as you.

What struck me most about my time at Credit Suisse was its friendly and welcoming ethos -...
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