Hillside Veterinary Clinic

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Comparing the Hillside Veterinary Clinic Marketing Plan to the standard marketing plan outline, you can easily see certain aspects of business marketing that HVC has overlooked. First, not keeping customer email addresses is a huge mistake. E-mail marketing is a very effective and affordable effort, especially if the growing housing market is catering to new families, younger people who practically live on their iPhones and Laptops. Not even having a website is mistake #2. There are simple web platforms that have pre-designed templates, and for pennies a day HVC could triple their web presence by having a website, and feeding the business listing to the major search engines, not just Yahoo.

The actual efforts that HVC intends to use to grow their business model are not clear. They want to grow, but they have not expressed a sincere interest in taking the steps required to do so. They want to grow the business 30% before they will open up a larger location, but they’re already at max capacity. They need to hire a second vet and a few more vet techs from the local college (who we know will work for low wages to stay in the area), have them cover evenings and weekend hours, and give them the new clients so the old clients can stay with the vet they’ve built the relationship with. Everyone wins.

HVC operates in a small location on Main Street, and most of the clients are within 10 miles of here. However, 25% are located outside of the city limits, and this has no potential for growth as HVC has no intention of marketing to those people. Their statement of differentiation states “within a 10-mile radius of Wellington”, which instantly shuts the door on anyone farther out, who’s money is just as green. Customer analysis shows that these people outside of town own more large breed animals, and spend less, but with the local vet college, hire someone to do house calls, and take care of these people’s cows and horses, and stop alienating 25%+ of your...
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