Hills Like White Elephants

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  • Published : November 2, 2010
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    From what I understand, Jig is a pregnant girl who is in a great dilemma with an American man. "It', is the termination or the continuation of Jig's pregnancy. The white elephants are a symbol of Jig's pregnancy. When researched "white elephants" are an unwanted possession that is difficult to get rid of. Fitting. As for the train station it symbolizes an end to their choice. Each time the train station worker came to remind them about how much time was left until the train arrived symbolized a countdown of five minutes in which Jig and the American man had to decide which direction they were going. The American man was stating she only had to terminate "It" if Jig wished to do so. Not without putting in her ear how simple the procedure would be if Jig decided to terminate her pregnancy. By the train station only having two ways out symbolized there was NO in-between. One Barcelona and the other Madrid which means yes terminate or no keep the pregnancy. Ebro River symbolizes the freedom they would have with endless choices if Jig terminates the pregnancy. As for the suitcases with all those travel tags on it symbolizes the lifestyle Jig and the American man would be able to have together without the worries of raising a child. The story opens with the description of distant hills across a river in Spain. An American and his girlfriend sit outside a train station in the heat. No other details about their relationship are provided at the beginning of the story. They decide to order beer, and the woman who works at the bar brings the drinks to their table. The girl remarks that the distant hills look like white elephants, but the man discounts her remark. The story continues to unfold through dialogue, and it becomes clear that the girl, Jig, does not understand Spanish while the American does. In addition, it begins to become apparent that the two are having some sort of disagreement. The subject of the disagreement, however, is hidden, until the man says,...
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