Hills Like White Elephants

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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Student Name: My name
Professor: Phillips
English 102
18 March 2012
Hills Like White Elephants: A Literature Discursion
In “Hills Like White Elephants,” the author brings out two important characters. A man, who has no name; he is only known as an American man. And a girl, called only Jig. To me, the author did not name the man on purpose. The author wanted to show explicitly that the man represented many types of American men, therefore his identity was hided. The author also picked the girls name purposely. The girl’s name was just “Jig,” a three letters word with no last name. To me, it sounds that she was not an important person with any education or power of decision. May be it is just her nickname.

The scene of the story is a train station in Spain; we can notice it because of the words “junction,” “Madrid,” “Barcelona,” “station.” These words were introduced in the very beginning of the story, in the first paragraph. The fact that the couple was traveling made me figure out that they were enjoying life, having a good time. When the couple starts their dialogue, we can notice that they were in a bar, next to the train station. The couple sat and the girl started the dialogue asking what they should drink. This was a way that the author used to show that she does not have her own opinion or she could be easily leaded to drink or to do whatever the American man decided. The American man answered her question in a very original and unique way “It is pretty hot.” To me, this way an indirectly way to influence her decision of what to drink, cold beer. This also could be his way to break the ice, like every sales man does, and get ready to persuade the girl.

Then, the girl introduce for the first time the term “White Elephant.” According to a research that I did before reading this material, “White Elephants” means something undesired, unwanted and very expensive to keep or feed. I think she tries to bring it out intentionally. I think she was...
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