Hillary Clinton

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Hillary Clinton

In a literal sense, Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State and a former first lady, but in a figurative sense she is even more. Clinton is the voice of billions of people, taking strong stands on women’s rights and lesbian gay bisexual transvestite (LGBT) rights. Being an incredibly competent politician, Clinton has spearheaded the issues that matter to her most. She is a phenomenal luminary, and an inspiration to me.

Clinton is a strong advocate for LGBT rights. On December 6, 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland, Clinton insists, “The third, and perhaps most challenging, issue arises when people cite religious or cultural values as a reason to violate or not to protect the human rights of LGBT citizens. This is not unlike the justification offered for violent practices towards women like honor killings, widow burning, or female genital mutilation. Some people still defend those practices as part of a cultural tradition. But violence toward women isn't cultural; it's criminal. Likewise with slavery, what was once justified as sanctioned by God is now properly reviled as an unconscionable violation of human rights.” This is an extremely strong statement. Clinton believes in the strength of humanity and the power in human values, morals, and rights. Believing in the welfare of people without discrimination, Clinton values LBGT rights, which is something I believe is extremely important in having a fair world.

Most importantly, Clinton is an extraordinary proponent of women’s rights. In 1995 in Beijing Hilary famously declared in a speech, “If there is one message that echoes forth from this conference, it is that human rights are women's rights - and women's rights are human rights. Let us not forget that among those rights are the right to speak freely – and the right to be heard.” Clinton helped create the Vital Voices Global Partnership by establishing the Vital Voices Democracy Initiative. Vital Voices Global Partnership invests in...
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