Hiking Trip

Topics: Love, English-language films, Hiking Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Love, though invisible to our naked eye, is very evident in times when life is testing our faith and toughness. It is very powerful that it prevails in any kind of situation. It reveals one’s true nature or characteristics and can make that someone do something they didn’t expect they can do. All of us have this powerful love which makes us protect the people who are dear to us even though it involves things that we fear the most. And in the story “The Hiking Trip” wherein the power of love is illustrated, Jeff with his brother, Mike, and their father went into hiking. While they were hiking, Mark was suddenly bitten by a snake and he needed to be sent to a hospital immediately. And without further ado, Jeff and his father hiked down the canyon to go to the nearby city, Flint, to ask for help. But because their father is older man and obviously cannot move that fast, Jeff must hike down by himself despite of his fear to go down by himself to be able to ask for help faster. Even though Jeff didn’t want to hike in the first place, when his brother encountered an emergency and was bitten by a snake he hiked down the canyon by himself just for his brother because he is caring, courageous, and is very determined. Jeff naturally has the power of love. He loves and cares for other people especially if it comes to his family. In the story, due to his love and care for his brother he hiked down the canyon by himself thinking that he should do something in order to save his brother. He hiked down quickly with all of his power showing how much he cared for his brother. He gave all his power for the sake of his brother that he fainted the moment he was able to ask someone for help. Jeff is still very young and if we would think of someone of his age who will hike alone seems impossible because it’s too risky. Moreover, he hiked down the canyon with the pressure that he should be fast because a second is very important and it could affect the life of his brother
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