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TCR Engineering Services provides a comprehensive range of metallurgical and mechanical testing services with a dedicated machine shop to provide specimen preparation. Test specimens are prepared for metallic and non-metallic materials in the evaluation of tensile, compression, impact, weldability, fatigue and bend properties.

TCR has in-house Mechanical Testing Facility to provide precise determination of Proof Stress by the attachment of various Electronic Extensometers. Tensile test at Elevated Temperature is a special service offered by TCR. Tests are conducted as per ASTM, BS, IS, DIN, NACE or client specified standards. Our Mechanical Testing Capabilities include:

• Tensile Testing
• Impact Test
• Weldability
• Bend Test
• Compression
• Flaring / Flattening
• Hardness Testing
• Nick Break
• Drop Weight
• Proof Load
• Fasteners
• Hydraulic / Pneumatic
• Component Testing, and more.

Routine testing of fasteners, chain materials, weld coupons, wire rope, castings, sheet, plate, forgings and other components is done in an expedient manner providing an efficient, quality conscious service.

Our customers can feel confident that not only routine but also the most diverse test requests will be handled by our highly experienced engineers and technicians. Our Mechanical Testing Laboratory includes:

Universal Testing Machines
UTM of 1000 KN capacity with Electronic Extensometer (Germany) Model EU 40 UTM of 400 KN capacity with high Temp (Germany)
UTM of 30000 lbs capacity with Electronic Controls and Extensometer (USA) Hardness Testers
Model MH 400 Micro Hardness Tester (USA)
Model HPO 250 Brinell / Vickers Hardness Tester (Germany)
Rockwell & Rockwell Superficial Hardness Testers
Impact Testers
Model IT 30 Charpy Impact Tester as per ASTM standard
Model IT 30 Charpy / Izod Impact Tester
Test Equipment
Erichsen Cupping Machine
Laboratory Facility
Complete workshop facilities including Lathe Machines, Shaping Machine, Surface Grinding Machines, Milling Machines and Drilling Machines Complete Set of Measuring and inspection instruments including Vernier Calipers, Micrometers, and Dial Gauges. Number of fixtures and attachments for various tests

NABL Scope of Accredition
National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) is an autonomous body under the aegis of Department of Science & Technology, Government of India providing laboratory accreditation services to laboratories that are performing tests/ calibrations in accordance with IEC and ISO 17025 standard. Presented below are the NABL Scope of Accredition at TCR Engineering Services. Physical TestsChemical Analysis

Mechanical Testing
Ferrous Metals - Iron Base
Non-Ferrous Metals - Copper Base
Non-Ferrous Metals - Aluminum Base
Non-Ferrous Metals - Nickel Base


Specific Mechanical Tests performedTest method / standard against which tests are performedRange of testing / Limits of detectionAccuracy (±) Tensile TestIS 1608–1995
ASTM A 370 – 2002 Up to 20kN = 100N
Up to 40kN = 200N
Upto100kN (upto10MT) = 500N (50kg)
Up to 100kN(upto20MT)=1000N (100 kg)
Up to 400kN(upto40MT) = 2000N (200 kg)
Up to 100MT = 500 kg± 1%

Hardness Test
Brinell Hardness
Vickers’ Hardness
Rockwell Hardness
Superficial Rockwell Hardness
Micro Hardness VickersASTM A 370–2002
IS 1500–96
IS 1501 Pt.1–99
IS 1586–2001
IS 5072 – 88
IS 1501 Pt.2–99
IS 1501 Pt.3–9915.625 to 187.5
5 – 30kg
HRB, HRC15 T, 30 T
200 gm to less than 5Kg
less than 200 gm± 3%
Bend TestIS 1599–91
ASTM A 370 – 200240 mm Thickness
Mandrel Dia 250 mm N A
Impact Test
Charpy Impact
IZOD ImpactASTM A 370–2002
IS 1757–99
IS 1598–99216 ft. lbs.
Up to 30 kg. m
Up to 16.52 kg. m5%
Flattening TestASTM A 370–2002
IS 2328–91Up to 500mmN A
Flaring / Drift TestASTM A 370–2002
IS 2335–91ID Up to 80mm± 1%
Erichsen Cupping TestIS 10175( PI) – 1993Up to 2mm Thickness± 2%...
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