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Luke Bryan

Submitted by: Daniel Pugliese
Submitted to: Mr. Settimi
Due Date: Friday 4th 2013
The guitarist I chose for my ISU is Luke Bryan. Luke Bryan was born and raised in Leesburg, G.A., spending most of his childhood in a farm. He helped his father with his peanut and fertilizer businesses while doing outdoor activities like hunting and fishing. His family was very supportive of his music talent that at the age of 14 he got his first guitar. His mother urged him to belt out George Strait songs over and over while she drove him into town to shop. By the age of 15, Luke was able to entertain a small crowd. His father took him to a local club and let him sing. His talent was spotted by two local songwriters who had provided tunes for Nashville artists. They asked him to join them at writing sessions at a local church. Graduating from high school, the opportunity to move to Nashville to pursue career in music. However, the day he was to move to the bigger city, his brother got killed in an auto accident. That shut down all plans to move, Luke Bryan said. "The only thing on my mind was being with my family”. The experience made him a better and soulful songwriter.

Luke Bryan performing live in Texas
Luke Bryan’s style of music is country, it always has been the same and he never tried another style. He is very unique because he is an amazing guitarist and always been since he picked up a guitar, he taught his self how to play.

Luke Bryans has many of amazing songs but the song that would have to be the most popular one would have to be “Drunk on You.” I agree that this song is one of his most popular songs because it relates to a lot of people, it also relates to Luke’s life and that really connects to the listeners. I agree this is a good song because it has a great beat to it and it relates in my life so I really connect to it. My favourite song by him would have to be “Suntan City” this song is my all-time favourite because it has a great melody...
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