Highschool Students Should Take a Year Off Before Entering College

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  • Published : May 24, 2013
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Highschool students should take a year off before entering college

In my opinion, high school graduates should take a year off before going to college. The time following high school is a time of great change in a teenager’s life. They should be allowed to experience freedom and try new things without having to worry about maintaining good grades in college. In many cultures, especially in Europe, upon completion of high school or its equivalent, students will take a break year to essentially find out more about themselves. While I believe that having goals and a sense of direction is important in life, having fun and living life to the fullest is just as vital. By having a year off before continuing to college, teenagers would able to enjoy life before becoming burdened with the responsibilities that adulthood brings with it. In England, where the practice of taking a gap year began, students take a year (not necessarily a full year) off before going to a university. In essence it is a year in which they can go and do whatever they would like. In many cases, students travel abroad and perform volunteer work. These activities allow the students to develop in more mature and rounded individuals. Two very notable examples of British students taking a gap year are Princes William and Harry. Their gap years were well documented by the media. One benefit from student participating in a gap year is a large number of students volunteering in performing public services. This greatly benefits both the local community and the rest of the country. Also benefiting from these acts of public service are the non-profit organizations that the students work with. The students provide these organizations with a steady stream of, typically, able and willing volunteers. This greatly reduces the expenses these organizations spend on human capital allowing them to reach and assist more people, thus having a greater impact on the world. Another reason why I support a gap year is...
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