Highschool Dropout Increase

Topics: High school, Dropout, Adolescence Pages: 4 (1372 words) Published: April 29, 2013
High School Dropout Increase in America
In an ordinary conversation with a good friend of mine, the discussion of his recent decision to drop out of high school began to take over. As he explained his many reasons for this choice, I started to wonder about the number of high school students in America who have made the same decision as my friend. How many other students have dropped out or are not going to graduate this year? Furthermore, why are they choosing this? Is there a central cause of this rapid high school dropout rate? The blame is put on multiple situations by everyday people as well as experts on topics such as the increase of low income families, problems in the American school system, and increase in crime and drug use, and the students’ poor choices such as teen pregnancy. As the rate of high school dropouts is increasing, the number of low-income families is demonstrating the same pattern. In an article by Caroline Gregg, the connection between the two is evident through her research. Gregg uses two charts which clearly present the information of both high school dropouts and low income families in America. One chart defines the dropout increase from 1989 to 2009, year by year. Beside it is a chart which defines the increase of low income families in America. The two increase together at a rapid speed, which drew Gregg to further her study. She researched the causes of the connection around her and drew a few conclusions. The factors of clothing and supplies, transportation and family example were the few that seemed to lead to the students’ leaving high school. When high school students come from low income families, everyday items such clothing or school supplies become difficult to manage, especially in larger families. These families may not have a car to Jacks 2

transport the children to school, which leads to many absences and struggle in class. The family example of low income families is set with the parents who do not have jobs, or...
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