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My high school experience was filled unreceived love, gangfights, depression, peer pressure and everything else that students nowadays have to fight and live through and my was no diffrent. Some might say that high school is like a living hell and I agree to some point because getting into college was like a breath of fresh air. But all in all, I have to say that high school was great and when you are through and done with it, you can look back and think that it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. To cut the story short, the best memories I have don’t involve teachers, events or such, it is far more insignificant. The best, well, greatest memories are all the spring days. Spring days when the weather was great and hanging out with my pals, that by the way, consisted of a small clique with my closest friends; Kimberley, Dominika and Sofia. We hung out on the breaks, preand after school on benches with the guys practising skateboard tricks, the sun in our eyes, the future ahead of us and gossiped or just spoke or irrelevant stuff and ate candy- never food- because we all had some seriously sweet tooth and I guess it comes with prepuberty. At the lessons the sun streamed into the classroom and casted wicked reflections of the sun and reminded everyone about the weather outside and you couldn’t possible wait until you got out and could savour it. My high school also had some real bad things going on so when thing were good and people got along things were very good. The worst memory that I can remember was when our Biology class had to dissect a heart of a pig and I missed it and heard rumours of people bursting out in tears at the lesson and getting real grossed out and it really added to my uneasiness and I really tried to surpass it but was told that I wouldn’t pass Biology If I didn’t, so I had to go there a late afternoon, team up with a classmate and after that experience I smelled like pig and the whole floor which the classroom in question was located...
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