Higher Taxes to promote Healthier Eating

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  • Published : February 29, 2012
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With our nation being the most obese country there is, that is telling you something. We eat too much, and too much of the wrong things. Why are we not like the Oriental Cultures, who eat good nutritional food and of course are not overweight. You think that we would catch on, and notice that we have a problem. If 1 out of every 4 people are overweight, think about it, we definitely have a problem. Our nation should do everything in its power to prevent this from happening. Being overweight leads to disabilities, chronic heart problems, respiratory problems, diabetes, etc. It is affecting so many people out there, that you would think we would try a little harder to prevent this. What are we trying to do to prevent all these problems? We are putting up posters in schools, telling students to eat healthy. We are making a triangle that says “this is what we need to eat.” Does that really compare to all the ads these junk food companies have on television? These major corporations are spending millions of dollars for our youth to see what is appealing to eat. They spend a lot of money for youth to know and try their products.

If we added a small tax on all this junk food, do you really think it would make much of a difference? Students want what is convenient. You look at a vending machine, check out the choices and slip in that money and you see all this junk food, you know that it will be convenient to eat in class. They know that they will get small snack during class, and it is cheap. It cost hundreds of dollars for the school to have the companies to add there vending machines in the schools. There are actually companies out there, that will put vending machines in schools for free! The only catch is that, there is no junk food. The only thing you will be able to get out of the machine is healthy. We knowthat we have a huge problem here, but we are so set in our ways, that we do what we have being doing. We don't like the fact that we have to alter our...
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