Higher Learning Essay

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Black people, White people Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Higher learning essay

The film Higher Leaning by John Singleton shows the lives of people from different race and social background and what they go through after enrolling into Columbus college. Some people are having financial problems with classes. Other kids are going through the racial tensions between Arians and African Americans. Betweens sports and their school work many of the kids go under the peer pressure of life. Through all these problems the students realize the meaning of getting an education. After a traumatic incident the students realize that they aren't so different from each other.

The amount of violence and racism in at the college really surprised me and made me disgusted. Although there is still some discrimination in the world it was a shock of how much the movie showed the social stereotypes of races. An example of this would be the relationship of the cops with the African Americans. In the police's eyes the whites never do anything wrong and that the black people are the problem on campus. This relationship first shows up when Fudge is blasting music and having friends over at his place. Even though there was white people playing music loud also, the cops came over to Fudge and yelled at him to turn his kind of music down. Another time would be after Malik had a gun pointed at his head.

Everyone was gathered around to be with the students but the police were only trying to make the African Americans leave. This didn't seem right of the cops to treat the students differently because of their race and color.

When some students are shot and killed by Remy at the peace assembly it shakes everybody up. This event changes some of the students thoughts on racism and how the color of their skin doesn't change who a person really is. This is showed at the end of the movie with the exchange between Malik and Kristen when they were staring at the memorial for the dead. In the beginning of...
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