Higher Education Should Only Be Accessible to Good Students.

Topics: Higher education, Education, University Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: October 20, 2010
All of us want our child to be successful in life. In order to be successful, they must be well educated. But not everyone is good in studies, thus making them waste a lot of time in college or university. And then the question arises, “Do you want your child to be one of them”? First of all, not every student is interested in further education.

For some of them, the purpose to get into a college or university is not to study or gain more knowledge. For an example, some of them go for higher education in order to run away from the reality of working or engage in relationships. Some of them don`t even show up in class, which affects to those who really want to learn. Try to imagine a situation where by there are 24 students in a class and in each lesson there is only half of them. Furthermore, for those that fail in class have to repeat the same subject as to attain high marks. This makes them waste a lot of their valuable time and their parent’s money as well. As you have seen, students that are not interested in studies end up wasting a lot of time and money doing unnecessary acts. Secondly, there are limited resources for quality high education. There are dozens of Colleges and Universities that have been built recently all over the world. But a few of them are qualified to be called “colleges” or “universities”. As you see, there are many educational organizations that lack “quality”. Some of the lecturers they hired are inexperienced and are not qualified to be lecturers. The facilities given to students are not complete. Take an example, of a library that has a small area and less information. These can be a burden to the students. A standard university requires high scoring result to make sure that a particular student is capable to take that particular course. But there are some universities that accept poor students in order to earn more profit. So, quality universities should be reserved for good students only. Therefore, the reservation for quality...
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