Higher Education Nursing

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Nursing Profession and Higher Education

The nursing profession is both respectable and honorable. It is made up of a set of qualities that draw a parallel with the Nurses Code of Ethics. Nurses experience much joy in the field, and many factors motivate those who remain in the nursing profession. Some nurses choose to pursue their Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This is an advantage in that it allows for advancement in achieving both short-term and long-term goals in their career. To be a successful nurse, one must attain specialized knowledge, experience, and skill set to save lives, improve and promote health and well being of the community. Nursing is dynamic, holistic, and autonomous. Nursing not only helps in treating diseases, but also treats the person as a whole. It requires comprehensive knowledge on evidenced-based research to improve patient outcomes. Nursing is the act of aiding an individual, healthy or sick to a state of wellness, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It seeks to show personal interest in the lives of others and involves interpersonal relationships with patients, their families, and colleagues. It means understanding the psychological effects of disease and it utilizes therapeutic communication to convey warmth, empathy, and compassion. Unselfishness, though essential, is not enough to make a proficient nurse. Qualities such as kindness and patience’s are also needed. To be a suitable nurse, one must be studious, observant and extremely professional. One must display indispensable qualities such as flexibility, tolerance and patience. Furthermore, the International Council of nursing set a Code of Ethics that serves as a guide for action based on social values and needs of the patient population. Nurses are under obligation to respect human rights, which includes the right to life, dignity, and respect. Nurses have four fundamental responsibilities that include: health promotion, illness prevention, to health...
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