Higher Education Institutions (Hei)

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Effective Test Item Constructions Techniques
Teaching faculties of Public and Private Universities
Higher Education Institutions (HEI)

NTS also contributes in human resource development (HRD) by organizing training and capacity building workshops. Realizing the fact that in Pakistan no proper institute exist to impart training on an internationally recognized and standardized testing / examination paper construction and marking techniques, NTS in collaboration with Higher Education Commission (HEC) has designed a series of workshops for teaching faculties of Public and Private Sector universities and Higher Education Institutions of the country.

The overall objective of the workshops is to acquaint universities and HEI faculty members with the pre-steps in student's evaluation in semester system and effective test item constructions techniques. The main objectives of the workshops are: • To acquaint participants with test and evaluation paper development techniques in a specified subject. • To enable participants with knowledge, skills and techniques of efficient paper marking.

Training Module

For the purpose, NTS and HEC have developed a training module on “Effective Test Item Construction Techniques” by engaging educational/ psychometric experts from various faculties of HEC affiliated universities/ educational institutions. The objectives of the module are to:

1. Align assessment procedures to the learning objectives of the course. 2. Give a basic understanding and training to the faculty to develop and adapt materials for assessing the level of learning: knowledge, comprehension and application within the course contents. 3. Follow standard assessment strategies and techniques in the construction of educational tests. 4. Test scoring and grading schemes.

5. Pre test, Metric Analysis, Review and Modification of test items.

The module is designed to provide an orientation to faculties about...
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