Higher Education and Success

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Nowadays, people try hard to get higher education; however, I doubt the statement that education is the only element that most ensures success in life. In this essay, I will reveal other aspects of the relation between education and success. Education has become the main provider of individual opportunity in our society. Just as property and money once were the keys to success, education has now become the element that most ensures success in life.

Most people regard getting good education as the guarantee of success, so they try every means to get undergraduate diploma and even graduate diploma. Is education really the most important element that ensures success? Moreover, does it imply that a person without good education is doomed to fail? Views differ greatly when it comes to the issue. I partially agree with the statement that education has become the main provider of individual opportunity in our society.

First of all, the statement fails to distinguish between formal and informal education. Although most people regard formal education as a better way to get knowledge and other abilities through interpersonal relationship and outdoor activities, informal education can also help people get knowledge and cultivate skills. Therefore, I think formal education is not the only key to success. It’s not difficult to find people who didn’t get college degree and still achieved his

success. For example, Yung-Ching Wang, one of the most
famous entrepreneurs in Taiwan, didn’t finish his
elementary school education in his life but built the
kingdom of his enterprise and became a very successful
person whose legendary and encouraging stories are still
popular among people. Evidently, people can get
knowledge by themselves through other ways such as the
mass media, self-learning, and the Internet.
In addition, in the age of science and technology, the most updated information source is not school but the real world. The most obvious example is the...
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