Higher Education

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Mary Kelley
Alec Fleschner
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Jan 20, 2013

Higher Education

From a young age I knew higher education was important to be successful in life. I am one of seven girls, five of which are older than me. As I grew up I watched them all graduate high school and go on to college. Also, both of my parents graduated college. I felt as if it was expected of me to do the same as the rest of my family.  Hearing about my parents’ college experiences to watching my older sisters throughout their college careers, I know how hard but important higher education is. In this day and age to get a good paying job, to help support a family, a college degree is essential. This is just one of the experiences that has taught me higher education is important to have in your life. I believe it is not just one experience that teaches us this but many different instances as you grow up.

I have always been a very hard worker when it comes to my school work. I always strive for A's and B's and throughout my high school career that is what I maintained. I encountered a challenging situation my junior year. At the beginning of my junior year I found out that I was pregnant. I had been in a relationship with the father for a year before I had found out I was pregnant. I was young and naive and it came as a huge shock to me. I was beginning one of the hardest years of my high school career and going to be having a baby all at the same time.

The father left shortly after I found out I was pregnant and has been in and out of her life since. Although this was one of the toughest years of my life it really opened my eyes to what is truly important in my life. My beautiful baby girl not only motivated me to finish high school but is now my motivation to get my college degree. I want to give her the best life possible and I believe getting a degree and a good job is the best way to do that. She is now almost two years old and growing up extremely fast.

I not only...
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