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Higher Education

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Higher Education
Amy De Paz
English 101
October 7, 2012
Danielle Kramer

Higher education can benefit a person by giving them a more stable life. Having a stable life can provide children with a sense of value. Having that higher education can give you that ‘high end’ job you have always wanted. Higher education can also provide these other benefits, stable income, happier life, better economy, and safer communities for children to grow. In today’s world, the economy is growing. Traditionally, American’s think that higher education is the key to success. The key to have a successful life and career is higher education. In the year 2012, you cannot even flip burgers at McDonald’s without a G.E.D. Therefore, to have that key of success we need to grow and go to college. When most parent’s think of their children’s future, they think of a four-year college as a vital stepping-stone for their children’s success. Even as adult’s we think that having that higher education can move us up in our current career. Governor Mark Warner of Virginia stated that “knowledge based jobs are going to go where the knowledge workers are, along with the promise of economic growth and prosperity.” We need knowledgeable workers to have economic growth. To have knowledgeable workers we have to educate ourselves, which goes beyond what is in high school. Therefore, we need to have our children ,mother’s, father’s and so forth to go back to school and get that degree they have been wanting, so we can have a stable economy and more high paying jobs for our future generations. An associate’s degree pays $8,810 more in a year than a high school diploma. A bachelor’s degree pays $19,550 more in a year. A college master’s degree is worth $1.3 million dollars more in a lifetime earnings than a high school diploma. The [U.S. Bureau of Census] stated that if a student who dropped out in 2011 graduate, the nation’s economy would likely benefit from nearly $154 billion in...

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