Higher Arithmetic

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Higher Arithmetic
Higher arithmetic, also known as the theory of numbers, is known for its basics of the natural numbers, simple numbers. The numbers, 1, 2, and 3 are numbers that are known as natural numbers. H. Davenport of Cambridge University once said “…in all the records of ancient civilizations there is evidence of some preoccupation with arithmetic over and above the needs of everyday life” (Introduction). The theory of numbers being a science, is simply just a creation invented for the present times. We, as humans, learn regular arithmetic as children, with games such as marbles and other fun counting games. Eventually, as we get to elementary school, we learn the use of addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication, the basics essentially. Math tends become more complex as we move on to middle school and high school. Middle school and high school is where we eventually start using higher arithmetic to understand the current math we are being taught. Although not everyone has an actual rulebook of the higher arithmetic, these laws stand universal. A question can be asked, how important is higher arithmetic? Higher arithmetic is used daily not just by mathematicians, but people of everyday quality. Higher arithmetic is essential, however, it should not be put over human needs and the qualities of everyday life, higher arithmetic simply should be used to make life easier.

Arithmetic has been around for ages. Historians are not entirely sure as to exactly what day and year arithmetic was created, but it is well known it was used during prehistoric times and it came from central Africa. The earliest forms and records of natural numbers were shown in Egyptian and Babylonian history, arithmetic was shown through the forms of tally marks. Arithmetic was also used in Mayan culture, this shown also through tally marks. The theory of numbers is a “pure” branch of math. By “pure” one can analyze that it generally means that, as a science primarily, it...
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