High Yield Teaching Strategies

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Does your school district use high-yield strategies, if so for what grades and classes? I don’t know about the entire district, so I will answer for my school site.  We have made a concerted effort to get every teacher trained in Thinking Maps.  It is the expectation of the administrator that Thinking Maps be used across the curriculum consistently.  If you think about the SBA and what they expect, many of the questions require the student to draw a visual to show the information, and then expand on that visual.  I can see no other strategy that can give a school the biggest opportunity to empower their students when it is time to show what they know than this.  These maps cover the strategies of identifying similarities and differences, summarizing and note taking, non-linguistic representation, and questions, cues, and advanced organizers.    We also have an entire staff trained in GLAD which supports cooperative grouping and generating testing hypothesis.  The use of graphic organizers teaching content knowledge with the use of much listening, speaking, reading, and writing is powerful within these units of study.

2. Are there any strategies you have found successful in your classroom that you think should be incorporated into high-yield strategies? As a reading specialist I believe there are many strategies that can improve overall reading for students to get to the ultimate goal of comprehending.  Many of Marzano’s strategies cover the things I do to help students.  However, one thing that I have found to be very powerful in helping students understand where their current level of performance is, where they need to be, and steps they can take to get there is to have them graph their progress monitoring scores every three weeks.  This is especially powerful for students who are falling behind and need to pick up their effort.

3. Do you think the use of high-yield strategies can be used successfully with Common Core Standards being set up across the...
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