High Treason

Topics: Poetry, The Reader, Treason Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: May 24, 2012
One Love

Poetry can be quite a tricky subject to comprehend at first. However, when you explore and analyze the hidden meanings, it opens up your mind in many different ways. In most cases, when someone hears the word poetry, he or she may think of William Shakespeare or someone who is known to write “thus,” and “tho.” On the contrary, poetry expresses an individual’s thoughts in verses known as stanzas. When someone expresses his or her love for something, he or she illustrates a certain degree of passion for the reason behind it. In Jose Emilio Pacheco’s poem “High Treason,” he expresses his love for his country by conveying his compassion towards all the aspects that make his country a place for him to cherish.

Pacheco poem is written to be a short and sweet expression that has a very clear message. Pacheco has simply written the poem so his readers do not have to take much time to unmask the meaning. His technique makes it obvious to the readers about how he feels for his country. The poet illustrates his passion for his country, which cannot be mistaken. As seen In the first line, "I do not love my country. Its abstract lustre/is beyond my grasp (lis 1;2)” the reader might be a little misled to think that he is a traitor and despises his country, but the progressing lines clarify how he really feels. It seems he is someone who cares about his country deeply, but feels as though he is unable to do it justice. His modesty showcases the possibility that he may have deliberately portrayed his lack of ability to serve his country as treason. His technique may enlighten others to questions themselves in this context. This way, he tries to elevate the reader’s emotions about his or her respect for his or her country.

The emotions that the poet demonstrates help set the ideology of the setting and time his poem takes place. The poem was written in 1978 were Pacheco is portrayed as someone reminiscing about his time spent in his homeland. He continues to...
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