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Nowadays technology is so developed that people have the opportunity to use improved computers, labour saving devices and many other items, thus making their lives easier. We have more leisure time for taking a rest, partaking in some sports, listening to music and playing a variety of computer games etc,.

Computers have also had a positive influence on children. Computer games can encourage children to think much more about themselves, and gain valuable experience which is relevant to the 'real' world. Contemporary children's software is highly educational and teaches a child about the world outside the classroom in a way that was impossible before. Family carers who previously spent all their time doing housework can now enjoy more leisure time, and office workers can work more efficiently and quickly.

In spite of the benefits that advanced technology offers there are some supporters of the idea that people are becoming too dependent on technology. These days researches show that children spend too much time in their homes, playing computer games and watching television instead of reading books and being outside with their friends. The families spend less time together than 20 years ago. The trend is towards individual pursuits at home, and away from community activities in a wider context.

It seems to me that the benefits outweigh thedisadvantages; people did not use the technology until it improved their lives in some way. Millions of people choose to work with it, so it is clear to me that technological development is a good opportunity for everyone.

In conclusion I say that technology is in favour with people. The benefits outweigh the disadvantages. and those who think we are too dependent on it underestimate the convenience and pleasure technology has brought to us.
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