High Speed Trains

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Rail Vehicle Systems

H i g h - S p e e d Tra i n s

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High-Speed Trains

Air Supply


Brake Control


Bogie Equipment





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Why do more and more high-speed train manufacturers and operators put their faith in Knorr-Bremse systems


Rail Vehicle Systems

Knorr-Bremse systems are impressive even at extremely high speeds At speeds of up to 400 km/h, enormous forces are generated. Trains that regularly travel long distances at high speeds require braking systems that can keep these forces under control – both safely and economically. As well as lightweight, compact systems that can be used worldwide, there is a need for intelligent control systems. Knorr-Bremse is regarded as an international pioneer in this field. On the basis of tried-and-tested technologies, we develop innovative solutions offering top levels of safety, reliability, and economy. The systems we have developed are so efficient that they also score top marks in terms of environmental friendliness. Customers enjoy full support from a single source – from the initial planning stage and commissioning right down to aftermarket services. Worldwide operator and customer audits regularly single out the consistent quality of our products and services for praise – and this is confirmed by our EN 50126 (RAMS and LCC) certification.


High-Speed Trains

Systems Solutions For Every Market

On-BOard S yS t e m S

BOgie equipment

a i r S u p p ly

What is Knorr-Bremse’s complete “one-stop solution” for high-speed trains 4


Rail Vehicle Systems

Air Supply Combined compressor and air treatment system Knorr-Bremse’s ready-to-install air supply equipment has been adapted in line with the trend towards increasingly compact, lightweight systems. Our product portfolio includes low-vibration and low-noise screw compressors with an output of between 600 and 2,500 l/min. as well as air dryers and condensate collectors. A particularly economic solution is the first ever oil-free compressor, with life-cycle costs that are up to 50% lower than those of conventional compressors.

B o gie Equipment Innovative design minimizes assembly and maintenance requirements Knorr-Bremse offers a wide range of compact, lightweight bogie equipment including low-maintenance compact brake calipers, low-wear brake discs, and innovative high-performance brake pads. Sinter pads reduce the life-cycle costs of electromagnetic track brakes by up to 40%. The eddy current brake is completely free of wear components.

Brake Control Ensuring the intelligent interaction of all brake functions With brake control systems, Knorr-Bremse ensures optimum functioning of all systems involved in the braking process and allow reliable stopping of the train in all operating conditions. The highly flexible and configurable brake control system EP Compact, together with the modular electronic platform ESRA, manages the pressure control, anti-skid, wheel-slide monitoring and diagnostics, as well as further highly complex brake control functions.

BraKe cO n t r O l

O n-B oard Systems Doors, air-conditioning units, and more It is not just Knorr-Bremse braking systems that ensure greater safety and comfort in rail vehicles. Our on-board product portfolio covers a wide range of innovative products and solutions including vehicle and platform doors and air-conditioning units. We also produce state-of-the-art electronic diagnostic systems and windscreen wiper and wash systems.

R ail-S er vices A partner for all requirements throughout the entire product life-cycle Knorr-Bremse offers a wide range of rail-services ranging from individual consultancy and collaborative product development to homologation, commissioning, training, maintenance, repair, upgrading, and overhaul of all components – as well as a reliable supply of OEM parts. Whether you opt for individual services or the full...
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