High Speed Downlink Packet Access

Topics: Mobile phone, Universal Mobile Telecommunications System, Modulation Pages: 33 (8352 words) Published: January 26, 2013

APIIT Diploma Part 2

Group Assignment

HSDPA [High Speed Downlink Packet Access]

Prepared By
Nadeesha. De. Jeodth [CB003805]
Kasun Alahakoon [CB003855]
Dasun De Silva [CB003898]

Module Code & Title
Telecommunications [AICT005-3-2-TELEC]


Date Assigned: 7th July 2011

Date of Submission: 2nd September 2011

Instructor Mr Balachandran Gnanasekaraiyer

Word Count


Marking Scheme

| Assumptions (5)| Report content (10)| Diagrams and/or Figures (20)| Analytical and Critical Thinking (20)| Documentation (5)| Referencing (10)| Group Total (70)| Presentation (20)| Progress Report (5)| Workload Matrix (5)| Individual Total (30)| Grand Total (100)| Nadeesha[CB003805]| | | | | | | | | | | | |

Kasun[CB003855]| | | | | | | | | | | | |
Dasun[CB003898]| | | | | | | | | | | | |


First of all authors’ heartily gratitude go to lecturer Mr Balachandran Gnanasekaraiyer, who has given advices and guidance to understand need of this module and to develop this assignment. Without his encouragement and guidance this assignment would have not been possible.

In mean time authors would like to thank library staff also since authors have got lot of support to get required books, magazines, other information etc. to fulfil the requirements for this assignment.

Next authors wish to thank their colleagues at APIIT for the support they gave till the end of this assignment.

Last but not the least authors would like to thank their parents for being with them right through supporting and encouraging them and make sure they receive everything that necessary to do this assignment in a successful manner.


Wireless telecommunications get advanced with the new technologies. The technology started from smoke signals then the invention from the radio, from that people started to develop small networks. This is how the wireless technology started. The technology started like that went for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, infrared etc. The latest wireless telecommunication technology is HSDPA (High Speed Data link Packet Access). HSDPA also called as 3.5G. This technology used in mobile broadband.

In this report has discussed about history of wireless technologies and history of HSDPA. Mainly has discussed how HSDPA work, what is the technology behind it how it affects society, software and hardware requirements, advantages and disadvantages of HSDPA, implementation and many other important areas that related to HSDPA.

Table of Contents
Marking Scheme2
List of figures7
List of Tables8
List of Abbreviations9
3.0History of Wireless Telecommunications15
4.0History of HSDPA17
5.0Technology involved in HSDPA18
5.1 Multiple- input Multiple-Output18
5.1.1 802.11 wireless transmission standards19
5.2 Adaptive Modulation and Coding19
5.3 Hybrid Automatic Request20
5.4 Packet Scheduling20
5.5 HS-DSCH Modulation21
5.6 16 QAM vs. QPSK23
5.6.1 Benefits of 16 QAM24
5.7 Hybrid ARQ25
6.0 Importance of HSDPA Technology26
7.0 Implementation of HSDPA28
8.0 Hardware requirements29
8.1 WCDMA Network29
8.1.1 PrimaryHardware Equipment29
8.2 WCDMA Channel Structure30
8.2.1 Uplink DCH30
8.2.2 Downlink DCH30
8.2.3 PDSCH30
8.3 WCDMA to HSPDA Upgraded Network31
8.3.1 HSDPA Channel Structure31 HS-SCCH31
8.4 HSDPA Support mobile terminals33
8.5 Common HSDPA Enabled devices34
9.0 Implementation of this technology on Industry and Locality35 9.1 Dedicated Indoor system35
9.2 Targeted users of HSDPA36
10.0 Strengths and Advantages in HSDPA37...
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