High School Wasn't Meant to Last

Topics: High school, Secondary school, 2006 albums Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: January 11, 2013
High School wasn’t meant to last

“High school wasn’t mean to last forever. It’s only a chapter in preparation of what really is in store for us, in real life.” Some consider high school as the most exciting level of education. Many say that it is the most fun and enjoyable stage of learning. And even some experience their most unforgettable moments during high school. What makes it exciting is the fact that we and our classmates are in a mindset composed of eagerness and curiosity. We want to discover things on our own. In every year that we go on through secondary school helps us to explore ourselves, discover our environment, and understand our society. Once, we were freshmen standing alone and confused. Shy to say ‘Hi’, shy to involve ourselves into dialogues. We thought of doing it on our own. But as time and days go by, we made friends and we tried to work out all challenges with them. We were then sophomores establishing stronger friendships. We plunged ourselves into the benefits of having friends. Most of us at this stage discover who we can trust and who trusts us in return. We rely on each other, as we take on the challenges of learning hand in hand. As we reach our junior year, we realize that we only have two years left. We become more mature. We learned to make the most out of our mistakes. Our bonds grew stronger. We learned to mingle with different kinds of people. We learn to understand the nature by which one person survives. We excel and become one family despite our diversity and differences. Finally, we were on our senior year, our last year. We were all eager to walk up the stage and receive our diplomas. At first, we thought that it wouldn’t end. But then we realized that time flies by so fast. Some were excited. And still some wanted high school to last longer. Who could’ve imagined that time passes by unnoticeably. We were once strangers. We became friends, family and even more. Yet, time flew faster especially during the times when we...
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