High School vs College Life

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High school vs College life
Education is considered as one of the important element in life nowadays. A child's education history starts as early as kindergarten period, up until high school. Enrolling oneself in college after graduating from high school is another option to gain higher education. High school and college are both educational grounds for a student to grow and enhance their lives with knowledge. The transition from high school to college can be exciting yet challenging. Both social and academic life in college will be remarkably different from high school. Some say student will either adjust to the new condition or struggle with it. Nevertheless, a well prepared student will be able to be successful in the long run when they know the differences in time management, personal freedom and studying skills applied in high school and college. One of the noticeable differences of being in high school and college is dealing with time management. In high school, students are likely to follow the schedule set by the school department. Class, prep and revision sessions are well divided throughout the week and attendances in class are highly monitored by the students’ homeroom teacher. Therefore, high school students are less prone to waste their time on schooling days. Meanwhile, being in college indicates that students need to arrange their own schedule according to the academic courses taken by them. In average, college students spend less time in class rather than high school students. That is why college freshmen are suggested to seek consultation from the academic advisor in arranging their schedule. Time management may fluctuate but it is the key to success for both high school and college students once they learn how to be disciplined enough to follow their timetable. This point then leads us to hit the next domino in line. Personal freedom, in terms of decision making also differs in both condition. When teenagers are in high school, parents are...
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