High School vs College

Topics: High school, Education, Teacher Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Ronald Gibbs
Mrs. Jacobs
ENG 111.0006
11 March 2013

High School vs. College

High school and college are very dissimilar. There are so many main differences and then there are differences that aren't very distinct. These differences include homework, teacher-student relationships, and attendance policies.

In high school most of the teachers will let you turn in your homework late if you give them a decent excuse. In college your professor will not accept any excuse for late work. There are also a lot more tests in high school. Usually, there is a test every week or two. Although there are more tests, the work is not as hard. Most of the time you will read aloud in class or go over every point of the homework so that there is no question of what you have to do.

During high school, I did not have to study as hard as I do now that I am in college. Usually, I would study the day before the test and score a hundred percent. Although, I would be able to skip a few classes and get the notes from a classmate or of course, resort to guessing. However, now that I’m in college, the lectures require much more attention and are more complex. Composing more information, meaning that one has to proportion time more responsibly and develop good study habits. My learning skills have greatly changed since I have been in college. I learn new things, and I actually enjoy learning new things. Nevertheless, these changes required a lot of self control, practice, and time management. Going through these experiences have changed my entire view about learning such as study habits, being more alert during classes, and going through greater extents to succeed in all of my classes.

The professors in college don't really care whether or not you’re in class. All it means is that if you are not there you will probably fail. Missing too many classes will cause the professor to drop you from his or her class, resulting in you failing the class. In high school the teachers are...
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