High School Students and Uniforms

Topics: Education, Dress code, High school Pages: 2 (698 words) Published: October 26, 2011
High School Students and Uniforms
The debate concerning uniforms for high school students continues to spark an array of various opinions. High school can be a very strenuous period for teenagers because of puberty, future plans for college, and trying to fit in with peers. When high school students are required to wear a uniform each day, the burden of back to school shopping tends to be lessened. Although the average student would probably disagree with a mandatory daily uniform, the concept is actually one that has decreased bullying and cliques. There has also been a reduction in potential before and after school mischief, an increase in academic scores, and students tend to be more prepared for life in corporate America.

Although students that must comply with regulations, by wearing a uniform each day, may not recognize the beneficial factors, but uniforms tend to act as a social leveler. They also tend to close the gap between upper, middle and lower class families therefore, creating equality. In a uniformed environment, students do not feel as if they must compete with each other, and wear the trendiest name brand shoes or jeans. Studies show that schools with mandatory uniforms have a lower rate of gang activity and cliques. When all students are required to wear the same colors to school daily, an unsuspecting student will not be mistakenly wear gang affiliated colors putting his or herself in danger. Students are no longer ostracized because they are not dressed in the most expensive designer labels, or placed in a dangerous situation because they chose a shirt whose color just happened to be gang affiliated. They are actually able to concentrate more on their education and focus less on their wardrobe.

Not all students are picked up and dropped off in front of school each day by a parent or a school bus. Some are required to either take public transportation from a designated area, or walk the entire distance home. Walking home can...
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