High School Seniors Should Be Allowed an Early Dismissal from School Everyday

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  • Published : November 8, 2012
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In high schools today, most seniors are piled down with work and fatigued from after school activities and jobs. On average, most students spend 7-8 hours in school and most have after school jobs which they work for at least 6 hours. Most teachers and parents would say it’s because they’re in preparation for college and adult life. High school seniors are tensed and stressed because they are trying their best to succeed and make something out of themselves. But how can they do that if they have such busy schedule?

I am in favor of high school seniors requesting an early dismissal from school if they have their appropriate amount of credits. The time from their early dismissal will allow them to get a lot of work done. They will have more time to focus on after school activities, after school jobs, and getting more rest. A shorter school day for high school seniors can bring physical, social, and emotional benefits to students and the school.

After school, many of these seniors participate in extra-curricular activities, such as sports, clubs, or volunteering. Although academic work is vital, these extra-curricular activities are also significant for students because they teach responsibility and teamwork. In fact, most colleges require a wide variety of activities for incoming freshman students. But these important activities are often squeezed out by time in school and homework. The educational system should focus on forming well-founded persons, but seniors are instead focusing primarily on intellectual pursuits. Less time in school could allow seniors the freedom to discover other interests that are fulfilling and stimulating.

Also, many seniors work and early dismissal would allow them to get there earlier and leave earlier. It also makes seniors available to take afternoon courses to earn some college credits. With seniors having after school jobs, they still are considered being in a learning environment. They obtain valuable work experiences,...
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