High School Relfective Essay (Juan Cabrera)

Topics: The Troubles, High school, Experience Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: May 14, 2013
When I think about the years that I’ve spent in high school I feel like I am back to those times again. I never thought that the years would go by so quickly, but as fast as it was I still learned a lot from the experiences I had. There were times when I didn’t make anything for my self, and times when I felt like I could do anything. As much as I hated some of the things I went through in high school, I’m glad they happened because without them I wouldn’t me who I am right now.

I always wanted to be someone who could excel at everything. I was always jealous of people like that; I admired them for their perseverance. As much as I tried I always seemed to be average at most of the things that I did. Over this summer I had time to get my priorities straight. The fact that this is my last year, sort of scared me into getting my act together and doing what needs to be done. I am the slacker no more. I will not procrastinate. I am more than an average student.

I recently realized that I have changed a substantial amount since my arrival at BVH. When I first got here, I was shy. When I made friends I became a chameleon. What they did, I did. What they wore, I wore. That went on until I became familiar with the cruel world of teenage guys. Because I was like them, I was called out when a speck of originality was shown. Once I started being myself, I think I got made fun of more than I ever had. All of that verbal abuse hit me hard because I had never experienced it before. Within my two first years, I almost had the hide of a rhino.

I had grown apart from the people who were my “best friends” and decided to wait for people who could accept me for who I am so that I didn’t have to be what I’m not. I think the early years of high school are where you figure out what kind of person you want to be. It being my last year, I know who I am right now and who I want to be as an adult. All of the troubles I went through have made me who I am today. The...
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