High School Memories

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As if it was just yesterday, but actually it had been about 15 or so years already since I first stepped into high school. Being in high school in the Philippines is different from other countries. Especially if you have only mediocre education system like what we have in the Philippines. But this is not about the education system in the Philippines but my life when I was in High School.

I remember the first day of high-school, I was like a lost kid, I did not know what to do, the subjects were totally different, the teachers were stricter and the schedule was tough. Ok, the academics was not that great, although I can say that I have been a straight honor student back in elementary, this was just totally different.

I was adjusting...to school, to adolescence. Half of being in high-school was really not that exciting. Just sitting there and listening to the teacher. But the other half of it was really the fun part. Hanging out with friends and other stuff.

One of the things that I look forward to was the lunch breaks, haha, we often go to our classmates house and we just hang out and have our lunch. Sometimes we watch movies or play chess and we end up being so late for our biology class and we just skip it and just attend math class. But sometimes we really try to attend our first class because our biology teacher was really hot!

Highschool was also time for relationship building, both love and friendship that is. I remember during our 4th year, almost everyone had a special someone before graduation. Except me and a few others that is, who either chose not to have a girlfriend, or just plain scared of girls. I had this huge big crush on this girl that time and when we were in 4th grade, we had a special thing together, But we were just too young that time. I tried courting her but I think it was too late already :( After high school we entered different colleges and never had seen each other since. Right now she's already married and has a kid...
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