High School Life: Reality Check

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Darrell Jones
Narrative Final
Reality Check
My older friends told me that high school is where some of the most fun times of my life would take place. I was looking forward to getting a car, a license, and being introduced to more freedom. I also looked forward to partying. My life would never be the same after a near death experience occurred my junior year.

When I was in middle school, I couldn’t wait to get to high school so I could "live it up." So when I got to high school I went to parties all the time. I enjoyed myself for the most part, that was until I or one of my friends got into a fight with someone. I had the personality of a macho man. In high school, I thought I was untouchable. I can remember numerous parties where someone would do something I didn’t like, and I would snap.

There is one party that I remember vividly. The party took place the summer going into my junior year. I got word from one of my friends that there was a huge party going on in the city. I had debated about going because I didn’t know anyone or anything about the city. I told my friend I didn’t think going to the party was a good idea, but I got the cliché "what you scared?" Wanting to prove that I wasn't scared, I agreed to go to the party with four of my friends. That whole week I debated with myself as to whether I should go. Friday came and my decision as to whether I would go to the party or not had to be made. With peer pressure and feeling like I had something to prove, I decided to go to the party. After about a 25-minute drive, we arrived at the party. It was kind of a rugged house, brown and missing paint on different parts of the siding. With it being a small house people spilled out onto the sidewalk. I thought, "It's a pretty packed party and a good chance to meet people I didn’t see every day at school." The party was going great for the first two hours, and then my friend got into an argument with another guy over a girl. Realizing that we were...
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