High School Life

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They say, it is the most beautiful stage of life a student could have, and indeed it is. But, it always depends on how one sees it. Each one of us has his/her own story. As for me, my high school life intensely molded me: into a dreamer. It is something I cherish, thanks to it. Without dreams, I would die in vain. High school life turned me into someone who is an avid; avid in a good way.

I was a happy-go-lucky before, but the moment the door of high school opened and avowed for me, I knew I was out for stars; even for the moon. But it didn’t take me easy. I was like Atlas, forced to bear the world on my shoulders. Freshmen times were full of curiosity might as well little fizzles. However, I believe I didn’t behave like a good-for-nothing, a thing I would regret happening, and of course not a goof-off – not my style. It was also full of fear and anxious feelings. But I knew it won’t take so long either. All it needed was adjustments as much as further push. I learned it is good to have fun… but just do your homework.

Dionysus reigned over my sophomore life. It was full of enjoyment and merriment as traces of childish behaviors trailed off. It was the time when we forged bonds - strong friendships to be specific. Everyone was all in one hand as we started to become competitive in our own ways. Confusions fade away as confidence started to replace them in light. Those were the times when we were bound to rise and face any contusion. I learned it’s good to compete but on some certain good and right circumstances and as long as your feet stay on the ground and faith is unbroken… intact.

Athena shaped me up during my junior times. And I must say, she did not fail. These were the times of great battles, wherein you just actually need a good sense of fighting (just like the wise Athena). My year was full of downs, cuts, and bruises. But I will never be someone I am now if those things didn’t happen. It was a year of tests – of my faith, of my determination, of my...
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