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Topics: Truck, Truck driver, Public transport Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Khanh Le
Period 5
Gas prices have climbed to an alarmingly high price range and at a very fast rate. To help ease the burden placed on consumers by the high gas prices, congress said we have to set price ceiling. Many people are concerned that price ceilings will create shortages. To help with the possibility of any gas shortages, we at the DOE have created a ranking system to allocate gas. We have divided consumers into three groups: high, medium, and low priority groups. With price ceilings and our allocation method all Americans will have enough gas for their need. High priority is the one who need more gas, such as public safety, truckers, and public transit. And they should have all the gas they want. Public Safety needs gas because they must go to save people. Joe Gannon, police sergeant of the LAPD said,” public safety will became a critical concern when price ceilings result in gas shortages for our police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances. Cities will become unmanageable”. If there is an emergency and public safety don’t have gas then they can’t go to where the accident is to save people. Truckers also need to have all the gas they want because they need gas to move the consumer goods. Jimmy Hoffman, President of the Meadowlands Trucking said, “Trucking will diminish-maybe even disappear- if we can’t get gas cheaply. And, if trucks don’t roll, the world won’t spin”. Farmer and businesses produce goods, but if trucker can’t transportation goods then we can’t get anything. Public Transit is really important because they help everyone go to wherever they want if they don’t have cars. Director of Manhattan Transit Authority, Victor Tran said,” Public Transit is a necessity for many people who cannot afford other means of transportation”. Public transit is really necessity for student, workers and many people to continue these activities. Otherwise, it helps people use less gas and helps make the air cleaner.

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