High School Drug Prevention

Topics: Education, Psychology, Motivation Pages: 2 (368 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Philosophy of Teaching

Children have always caught my attention by the way they learn, the many ways they grow and develop, the way they express themselves, and many other reasons. I want to be someone that can help children grow and learn.

Children are a huge part of this life, they are the ones that will still be here once we no longer are and leaving them with a good example will help them out a lot. When becoming a teacher, we take full responsibility over these children. They are in school for most of the day, every day. We are basically raising them. We are here to help, and shape them, as well as preparing the, for the real world.

I believe that the characteristics of an effective teacher are to be caring, committed, honest, patient, responsible, tolerant, and many many more. A teacher’s main goal is to help children be successful in every aspect of their life.

My ideal classroom will be filled with colors and have many visuals. I want it to be a safe, comfortable, and a peaceful environment. It will be a place where children will look forward to coming to daily and learn something new. It is important that teachers are motivating and encouraging. Children need a lot of attention and learn quite differently, some will need to be motivated and encouraged more than others. Young children need praise and encouragement. There are times where they will feel desperate or frustrated because they cannot get something done or they do not understand something and that is when we need to really help and motivate them. Children learn through hands-on activities and group work. At times they may need individual time with the teacher and this is an effective way to get them to success.

Teachers are role models to not only children but to everyone. Children look up to teachers and follow their steps. It is real important that teachers maintain a professional relationship with students at all times. There should be no type of emotional attachment whatsoever...
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