High School Dropout

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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High school dropout’s happen often these days. It is experienced in every part of the world. The highest rate of these dropouts is strong in the developing countries. This does not mean the developed countries are spared either. In America dropouts are shooting very high. 16 % of the 24 year olds are not enrolled in school. This means they have not earned a high school diploma or GED. Although most high school dropout cases are due to individual reasons, social problems play an important role.

High school dropouts can be caused by several reasons. These include the following: The socio-economic background of the individual. The data available show that students from poor families are most likely to drop out of school than are children from wealthy families. The next reason is being disability. The students with disabilities are also more likely to drop out. American National Study puts it over 40% of disabled youth drop out of school before completing any course. Race and ethnicity is another factor to be blamed for dropouts in high school. Hispanics and African Americans drop out most often as compared to Asian American and white students.

Some academic factors are also known to cause this menace. Research shows that academic factors are related to dropping out. Students who are over age for their classes with poor attendance and with poor grades are more likely to drop out. Absenteeism also causes high school dropout. Most students with poor attendance of classes for reasons other than illness are most likely to drop out. Students who make technical appearances in school fall much behind their fellows in the classroom. This tends to lead to low self-esteem and therefore increases the probability of the student dropping out of school. High occupational aspirations of students may affect their learning in school. Young individuals’ perceive the availability of economic opportunities as a boost to their schooling. This therefore plays a major role in the...
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