High School Drop Outs Due to Higher Minimum Wages

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  • Topic: Null hypothesis, Teenage pregnancy, Unemployment
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  • Published : March 7, 2012
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This is a research paper that tries to answer questions about school drop outs due to higher minimum wages. This paper tries to answer questions like; do higher minimum wages cause high school drop outs among different students in various continents? Other questions include: does real income cause high school dropouts?, do the unemployment rates in the country cause dropouts of high school students?, how do teenage pregnancy rates cause high school dropouts? And how does education attainment among adults cause high school dropouts? These questions have a main goal; to find out the cause of high dropout cases among high school students (Crofton, Anderson, Rawe, 2009). This research was carried out to find out the effects of high minimum wages in the society. High school drop outs have been rampant in various continents and this calls for an action to be taken to come up with the causes of the dropouts and hence the research. There are various research hypotheses in this research paper. Hypothesis is a statement that can be either wrong or right that guides someone while finding out the root of something. The hypotheses in this research paper are based on the topic which is being researched. The hypotheses are divided into two different kinds namely; the null and the alternative hypotheses. These statements are opposite from each other in the fact that one may be right and the other is wrong. The hypotheses in this research include; high school dropouts are caused by unemployment rates, high minimum wages affect the drop out of high school students and teenage pregnancy rates are causes of drop out of high school students (Crofton, Anderson, Rawe, 2009). These hypotheses are general and thus they are not categorized according to null and alternative hypotheses. The alternative hypothesis or the experimental hypothesis is the ‘high minimum wages affect the drop out of high School students’. This hypothesis was researched and found to be a cause of the student...
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