High School Diploma

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1a)A trip to the ocean can be a relaxing escape from the everyday pressures of life. b)You should always be careful to avoid overexposure to the sun ath the beach.

2)Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, & Capitalization

3a) A cliche is a phrase that lost its meaning because of the overusage of that expression. b) My friend told me to break a leg before my soccer competition.

4)Brainstorming: jotting down every idea and thought that comes to mind. Free writing: jotting down ideas & thoughts about the topic

5)topic: let me explain how to make my favorite sandwich.
To make my favorite ham sandwich, you will need two slices of whole wheat bread, mayonnaise, three slices of tomatoes, a romaine lettuce, ham slices,2 slices of cheese, a bread knife, a toaster, toothpicks, and a plate. First, place the slices of bread in the toaster, once its done, lay it on the plate. Once it has cooled down, use the bread knife to evenly spread the mayonnaise on a piece of bread. After that, begin placing the slices of ham, tomatoes, romaine lettuce and cheese and top it of with the other bread. Finally, slice the sandwich diagonally and use a toothpick to hold the sandwich halves together.

6) topic: a high school diploma is important to my future.
To begin with, a lot of entry level jobs require you to have a high school diploma. To explain, to a potential employer having a high school diploma could give off the impression that you have basic skills and knowledge to complete simply everyday tasks in the workplace. Although you believe you have these skills with or without a high school diploma, having that piece of information would ease the fears that they may have about you if you didn’t have a diploma. Second, having a high school diploma can get you a well-paying job. To explain, most of the well-paying jobs today require a high school diploma at minimum. So, to even hope to build a career you should at minimum, have a high school...
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