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  • Topic: The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, Michael Oher, American football positions
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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Student's Name: Steven Gibbs Date: May 6, 2013 Report No. 1
1. Title: _The Blind Side _
2. Author: Michael Lewis
3. Genre/Type of Book _Biography
1. When/Where book takes place:
a. Time __1984-2009
b. Place __NFL____
2. Who/what is the book about? The book is about Lawrence Taylor and the real life of Michael Oher._______ List principle characters
Michael Oher, Lawrence Taylor, the Tuohy family, NFL Quarterbacks, Teachers, Tutors_ 3. Summarize Plot/Climax
What happened in the book?
The Blind Side contains two separate stories. One details the trials and tribulations of a young black teenager named Michael Oher. The other details the evolution of the position Michael will ultimately play in the game of football. The left tackle position, as Lewis describes it, is one of the most important in the entire sport, for the person fulfilling this role is responsible for protecting the quarterback's "blind side." Form 33

C. Conclusion
Write a short paragraph about what you believe is the overall theme or purpose of the book including the main idea and moral that the author has put forth through the events.
The overall theme is “Fish Out of Water”. The Author, Michael Lewis, repeatedly demonstrates how uncomfortable Michael Oher is in unfamiliar environments. In Chapter 11, Big Tony sneaks young Michael into a basketball camp. In Chapter 3, Leigh Anne takes Michael shopping for new clothes. This would make her the fish out of the water, experiencing a certain bond with Michael. D. Evaluation

Your opinion of the book
My opinion of the book is that it is a great book about how Oher got into the NFL. Form 33
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