High School Athlete's Injury Prevention

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  • Published : November 13, 2012
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High School Athletes…

Injury Prevention

Zach Patinkin
High School Athlete’s Injury Prevention
Ever since I can remember, I have been playing sports. I played a sport each season and excelled in each sport I played, most likely due to a high level of coordination at a young age. Playing hockey and squash in the winter before middle school, soccer and football in the fall, and the best season of all due to the range of such high level sports, spring, in which I played baseball, lacrosse, and tennis. I knew that I had the most skill in baseball, tennis, and hockey. One day, the day of a little league baseball game, I was sick and been throwing up the night before, my coach told me I did not have to play. The decision was in the hands of the coach because my little league baseball coach was my Dad. When he got to the field and realized he had only eight players, and needed a ninth or else he would forfeit he rushed home and much to my Mother’s dismay brought me to play in the game sick. Sports have always seemed to come first in my family; I have memories of going to two different sports practices and then taking the next day of school off to rest. My brother was recruited by multiple colleges to play Division III lacrosse, named rookie of the year for his division last year, setting the ultimate family sports goal of excelling in college sports very high. My brother I have been working hard, he in lacrosse and me in baseball, especially to be able to keep playing in college. My brother played on a high school team that was in a high level division but could not match up to the competition. This allowed him to shine even more because he was forced to make most of the plays for his team happen. He became the school’s most dominant athlete due to these circumstances, which was a highly reputable accomplishment because students go on to play sports in college often from his school. During the college application period, it was a specific group of colleges recruiting him, which narrowed his options but the choice was still in his hands. He had to weigh the decisions of going to the college of Wooster in Ohio on scholarship, which was not his top choice or go to Babson, which was very close to home and was high on his list but the head coach was leaving that year. It has been my dream since I was little to one day play a sport in college. One of the first times I spoke to my brother after he left for college, he could not tell me enough of how much fun he was having with the lacrosse team. He said the uncomfortable parts of a new school are made so much easier when on a sports team because of the people you meet through the team. These stories made my goal of playing sports in college so appealing. My parents both grew up skiing with their families when they were younger, and agreed the times were some of their favorite child memories, therefore we always made an effort to go skiing as much as possible every winter. I began with skiing when I first learned but once my brother and sister began snowboarding I gave up skiing and followed their lead. I was skiing last winter, which felt strange because I have been snowboarding since the age of eight. My friend was using my snowboard and I had on his skis I found out later that this is not the smartest idea. My legs not used to how they are supposed to move to get me down the mountain I flew down the hill with the poles waving awkwardly and each ski moving on its own. After about twenty minutes, I was going too fast when my leg began to slide out and one of my ski tips got stuck in the snow, turning my whole left leg outward at an awkward angle. The pain was immediate, and something about how my knee felt told me everything was not all right. I let it be known I did not feel well enough to keep skiing the rest of the day and I slowly slid down the side of the hill until I reached the bottom and walked back to where we were staying, walking gingerly on my...
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