High School and Wealthy White Lady

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  • Published : October 25, 2011
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Journal #1 Claudine
Claudine was released in 1974 and the movie is about a thirty six year old single African American woman trying to raise her six children ranging from ages five years old to eighteen years old in Harlem/Manhattan, New York. Her source of income is welfare and The Help for Mrs. Winograd a wealthy white lady. She didn’t report that she worked because they would cut her off of welfare which was only giving her thirty dollars per child. The Social Worker would do a house visit to see if she has bought anything new. Claudine didn’t have transportations so she rode the bus to work with her friends who were also African American women. The neighborhood where she resides and raise her children is predominantly black and below poverty level. Most of the African American’s back then didn’t have a high school diploma. So they took whatever work they could find to support their family. According to census.gov the population of African Americans in Manhattan, New York currently is 15.6%. Manhattan is not predominantly blacks there’s different cultures in this city. High school graduate or higher is 84.2%. More African Americans are graduating from high school and college because more opportunities are available for them. Families below poverty level are 10.5%. There are still families that are below poverty level but the number has decreased among African Americans. The average household size is between three and four for. African American women are not having children the way the women did back then. Compared to the movie and actual statistics today a lot of things have changed but it’s not a big difference. Today there are still a high percentage of single African American women raising their children by themselves, on welfare which is now called Government Assistant trying to survive. The single women today have more options and help than they did back then.
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